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Exhibition Scope

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Oil & Gas Storage and Transportation,  Chemical Industry, LNG, Oil Field Engineering Construction and Operation Management Enterprises

Exploration and Design of Oil and Gas Engineering, Institute of Special Research and Scientific Research, Comprehensive Service Institution

Raw Materials for Pipeline and Chemical Equipment, Pipeline Product, Product and Manufacturing Technology of Pressure Vessel, and Process Equipment

Welding Equipment and Welding Materials, Cutting equipment technology, Directional Drilling, Shield and other Trenchless Technical Equipment

Construction Materials, Beveling Machine, Pipelayer, Excavator and Other Engineering Machines and Special Machinery and Power Equipment

Optical Fiber and Cable, Electric Power Cable, Station Control Technical Equipment

GISMISSCADA and Other Automatic Data Collection, Safety Early Warning, Explosion-Proof, Fire Fighting Equipment

Pump Valve, Compressor, Pipe Fitting, Gas Turbine, Fan, Separation and Liquefaction Drying Purifier and Other Fluid Machinery

Technical Equipment for Chemical Detection, Detection and Leakage Monitoring of Pipeline Storage Tanks

Anticorrosion, Heat Preservation, Cleaning, Rob Maintenance, Pressure Control Technical Equipment

Slurry Pipeline, Storage, Special Technology of Marine Engineering and Special Equipment

LNG Investment and Transportation, Receiving Station and Construction of Liquefied Plant and Other Technical Equipment

Offshore Platform, Singlepoint Mooring, Refining process and Technical Equipment 


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